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Iso-octyl acetate

Property Colorless, transparent liquid with fruit flagrancy, slightly soluble in water, freely soluble in alcohol, ether and other organic solvent. Molecular weight:172.27;
Molecular formula:C10H20O2
Boiling Point:(101.3kPa)198.6℃
Relative Density(20℃/20℃)0.8734
Reflective Index(20 ℃)1.420
Flash Point (Open Mouth)88℃ , slowly volatile in the air.
Quality standard
Items Industrial Grade
Content% >99%
Chroma(Pt-Co) <15
Boiling Range(760mmHg,185~205℃V/V) ≥ 95
Acidic Degree(Calculated as HAC)% <0.03
Moisture Content% ≤0.1
Uses and feature This product is excellent, high-efficiency, safe and nontoxic organic solvent, and has been certified to ISO-9001 and manufactured according to the Standard of Q/320282NPL001-2002, widely applied to the pharmaceutical industry, food additive industry; added into the preparation of spice and essence as the source of fragrances of apricot and peach. It also acts as an excellent solvent of various organic resins and nitrocellulose, as well as the raw material of organic material of leather-brightening agents.
Our company has been put into the industrialized production since 1995 with the annual output of 1,000 tons. It has been used by various pharmaceutical-manufacturing companies and manufacturers of spice and essence as ideal auxiliary materials.
Packing and storage This product is an easily combustible substance. Fire should be insulated from this product in transportation and storage, and it should not be transported with toxic materials. This product should be stored at cool, dry places, avoiding heat, moisture, direct sunlight and rain.


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